My new Nike Roshe Run obsession

There’s something about the Nike Roshe that has caught my attention. My cousin told me about them last year because he was wearing a pair when we we’re on the bus. I asked “Are they comfortable”, to which he replied “they are the most comfortable shoe ever”. I was first sceptical then I went into a store that sold Roshe’s and felt the insole. I was sold. 

The foam like insole was so delicate, it wasn’t like a skate shoe in sole. It was like the material a flip-flop is made out of. It was a simple look, the minimalist aesthetic, just the mesh that makes the body of the shoe and the familiar Nike Swoosh on the outer side. The sole reminded me of the Nike Air Max 90 and 1 sole. A classic pattern for sneaker heads. 

Unfortunately I was spending money else where, but recently I bought a pair and I have loved my decision. Its easy to see why it was designed for running, for the comfort and it is lightweight. The mesh material makes it easy for a breeze to surround your feet (it is winter in London, but that is why you wear thick socks). And the midsole is pure genius, its as though there’s a spring in your step.

I highly recommend you buy a pair, for the sake of your feet! #TeamRoshe

I apologise for the following posts of Roshe Runs.

Little problem with the Fire Red 5 2013 release

I have a problem with this release, it was released last year. I’m assuming that Nike/Jordan must have got a backlash from people regarding the 2012 Fire Red release.

As you can see, unlike the OG colourway that came out this year (August 31st) this doesn’t have Michael Jordan’s number 23 on the outer heel side. 

People are biased towards OG colourways, in regards to this year’s Fire Red 5’s because they do have the “23” on the side, but I think the extra red just above the sole is overdoing it. They could’ve done what they did with the “Nike Air” Air Jordan 3 ‘88, and just added the 23 to the model they had last year.

People are entitled to their opinion, like they are entitled to the shoes they wear, I just think that the Fire Red 5 2013 release was a little unnecessary.